Harrison Engineering Revisited

Some of you may remember that I had posted about what I had considered a bad experience with Harrison Engineering. They had told me that they would expedite payment for a rush job and then sent my payment to a very old address even after we had updated it it over the phone.
Some of you were pretty hard on me because you had had great experiences with this company. Based on all of those posts about those great experiences, and the fact that they apologised for sending the check to the wrong address, when they called again asking if I’d do an inspection for them I figured what the hell…all of the guys say they are ok and we got the address thing straightened out…so I’ll do it. I wait a little over a month, because of the 30 payment thing, and give them a call to see what’s up? I was told that payment was issued and send to my current address. So this morning I get another e-mail saying…are you ready for this??..OOPS we sent your check to the wrong address AGAIN!
I’m starting to think that we really may not be in each other’s best interest…

I have only had one inspection with them but I went very smooth. I look toward to working with them again. MHO

Do 3-5 per year. All trouble free, smooth as silk and great to work with.

I do a couple a month. Love those southern accents lol

Everything would be fine except you had to go and move, George…:p:mrgreen:

That really is too bad. I’ve never had any issue with them and I’ve been doing inspections for them for over 10 years. Perhaps a phone call to their office and helping them clean up their error is in order.

Or perhaps it’s just “not meant to be.” Not everything works for everyone.

I had spoken with a couple of people over the phone and confirmed my email address with them multiple times. My address was correct in one system but was never updated in their accounting system is what the last email from Sharon Harrison said. For what it is its decent filler work it’s just frustrating in an almost funny sort of way that after last time they still didn’t update my address in the accounting system. I guess the next time they call I’ll ask to speak to Accounting before I accept the job :wink: Yall have a good rest of the week and a better weekend.