Letter to repeat client from last year

Did an inspection for client last spring and when he called again last summer I was on vacation so sent him another Inspector I referred.
He called again yesterday wanting an inspection and I had to make arrangements to send a PayPal link along with meeting his Broker.
After I sent the confirmation and PayPal link he complained about
the fee rather than using the link.

He emailed me …

*I just checked my records. You charged us for the last home inspection and we also paid the same amount () to the inspector you referred to us for the 2nd property. I was hoping that given that I’m a repeat client I’d get a discount or at a minimum not pay more than the last time.

Please let me know.
I replied…was I wrong ? (too strong) guess I just blew him off.

Hi …
I charge more than I did 10 years ago as well.
Last time you may have got me down way lower as my fee was higher then as also.

90 minutes for driving,maybe $25 for parking,2 hours report time and add email time.$10 PayPal charge.Gas $$$

Sorry my service was not good enough to be worth $20 more when parking and gas plus expenses are up more than that.
Perhaps your Agent will take a pay cut :slight_smile: (did you bargin down his fee as well ?)
Sorry however I am a professional and one of the best at low rates as is.
Also very sorry we will not be doing business because haggling over $20 on a expensive investment makes no sense.

Most of my clients are bright and see an inspection by a good Inspector as having value…
Best of luck.

You had me nodding until that last line … Where you called him stupid… Bad move from my vantage point.

I probably would have given hime the $20 discount and had a nice reunion…but that’s just me.:slight_smile:

Bad day Bob? Too busy?

I had already given him the fee last night.
I sent him the link.

He instead sends the email complaining.
This guy has use me a couple times over the years and my service has always been top notch.

My Name is not bargain Basement Bob.

Not actually but good point as he returned another and agrees we will not be doing business .
He mentioned the Broker discount thing as unprofessional.

Maybe .
Came out to a $50 ticket on being 4 minutes past meter expiration.

2 condo jobs today however which are easy on site.

He is not in town.

He’ll get the hint and you won’t, most likely, have that problem again. Most repeat customers are worth flexibility to my business.

Perhaps I was wrong then however last year I gave him a ridiculous low fee for a downtown condo.

Did not like last minute bargain attempt and it hit me the wrong way.

My bad.

He has communicated again and I did apologise for wording my language so strongly.
Best for us to move on.

Damn did I just break up or something ?

Bob for now on I would post your responses here before sending to your clients to get a second opinion. Your letter indeed was to much and yes we all have these days your just brave enough to speak how your feeling at the moment ;).

Just sent this out…

*My apologies for that.
Truly sorry there
I may have been to strong in reply.

Yes I looked and saw $ which is the lowest I ever charged on an inspection however it is not your fault I did so.
The other guy may have been low because I asked him to be .
Again best of luck.


I want to hear what you would say to someone who wasn’t a past client :slight_smile: Wow!

Damn even you Sharks think I was nasty.

In 8 years I never got that bad so will be careful to not let it happen again.
How would you have replied Troy ? (my side)

I may need to take a few days off anyway…getting report sick.
Refuse to ever shortchange my reports …ever.

2 reports tonight and morning then taking happy time.

I think you could have been less self damaging in your reply

I get calls alot from friends of past clients and I’m always wondering if I just quoted them more than their friends paid :slight_smile: Oh well just stick to your guns. As for $20 Bob I would of just gave it to him.

I apologize that my increase in fees came as a surprise to you. Undoubtedly you were able to take advantage of a special price that I was offering last year.

I do appreciate your return business, as I look forward to working with clients who find security and value in my service. I will keep you at the previous fee and consider it a $20 investment in your repeat business because I understand the value in your business and the referrals you have certainly sent to me over the year.

I look forward to working with you again now, and in the future. I’m sure you can understand that there will most likely be some upward movement of the fee so that I can maintain the same level of quality and service that you have come to expect.


Bob “The Condo Man” Elliot

If you read above I already told him my comments were to strong.
Does not change the fact I am a premium quality inspector.

He never would be calling back multiple times unless I was darn good at my profession.

I simply should have told him my fee and restated it.

I am average priced when I could go higher.
Nobody complains about my work or my personality.

We all have bad day but thanks for brightening mine.:slight_smile:

Inspectors might consider that some cultures must haggle price. You should leave some room for that if you want to value their culture. You could always simply them no.

You asked for feedback. I took the request at face value.