Inspectors Beware

I resently (Jan. 22, 2007) did a site assesment inspection for a company called Metropolitan Laboratories Inc. out of Portsmouth, VA. As of today (Feb. 28,2007), I still have not recieved my check for this inspection. The contact person (Ruth Holden) stated that she got my name and number from the NACHI website. Please be careful when agreeing to inspections from this company. They tell you to send a invoice and that payment will be in the mail, then do not respond to your phone calls or e-mails. Please let me know if any other inspector have had dealing with this company and what their experiances have been like.

Keith Johnson
N.C.I. Home Inspections

Keith…I and several other NACHI inspectors have done work for Metropolitan. They are nice folks but very slow to pay sometimes. Try this thread and follow the links in it to other threads to get the full picture: .

I think the real crime is them not replying to phone calls and emails…36 days past due is not very long for companies such as this one.

I was owed almost 10k for some foreclosure service work…75 days past due on most of it…I have received all but 2500 of this money…and that 2500 is now 50 days past due.

Good luck, and expect it next time…planning accordingly.

Read the Metro Labs contract. “30 business days” for payment. And it is quite likely they will be past that date. Same thing happened to me. And Ruth Holden was my contact also. Call early in the morning and don’t leave messages. Just keep calling until she answers. The response you will get will be, “I sent your invoice over as soon as I got it. That should have been paid. I will call them right now.” You will probably see your check in a day or two.

PS. Your 30 business days isn’t up until March 6th. Good luck.


Maybe, by the 28th, you will have received your check (today is only the 26th) :wink:

Keith you should follow up with them if concerned. They are very S L O W with payments but you will get paid Im sure.

You guys are lucky, I am at 90 days now and I have received all of the comments stated above. :mad: