Harry Homeowner-Yet again

64 Hawley 011.jpg

Interesting use of joist hangers;-)


It won’t fall up, that way…

Gee, my name is Harry and I own a home but I’d never do that. That’s a neat picture; I never have seen anything quite that strange with a homeowner special for something simple like a deck. Good one for the archives.

Deal Killer :mrgreen:

I guess the nails bent over when they hit the concrete :wink: Adds a nice touch to this work of art. Gotta love it :slight_smile:

Everything is fine As long as you stand on your head.:smiley:

Hey, maybe there’s a lot of uplift and the hanger installation is correct. Is there a nine-foot cantilever at the other end? =)

WOW! That is just stupid. I cant stop laughing.

Doug, you need to submitt this one in the Defects Award.

That is totally amazing. :):smiley: