Harry Homeowner


He almost got it right, just add water and wood surround is not nearly as conductive as metal, safety first :shock:

At least that one looks good. Myself and another HI went over to help a friend’s Dad with an “electrical problem”. They had tapped into the side of the dryer outlet to: run a deep well pump, run electricity out to a pole barn, provide a plug receptacle for an RV and provide 230 volts for a welder. All of this was being protected with a 40 amp breaker at least 20 years old. It got smoke checked is why we got the call. They fixed it that afternoon, but I was not there for that evolution. It made my bo-hiney hurt just looking at it.

Human brains are wonderful but dangerous things…allow us to think of a hundred ways to do it wrong when they may be one way to do it right.

Dem’s close to taints ain’t day? :shock: :mrgreen: :shock: :mrgreen: :shock: :mrgreen:

lol…yeth it isth.

The best one I ever saw was a 12/2 tapped into the main lugs BEFORE the main breaker, then buried about 8 inches underground for about 20 feet to the shed where there was a dryer. It was a rental and the tenant hit it with a shovel while digging for a garden, it blew a hole in the shovel, of course no breaker to trip.