Has anyone tried one of these gizmos?

Pro Ladder-Dok to keep from bending gutters. My stealth self seems to occasionally bend a gutter slightly. Anyone ever use these?

How would you place it into the gutter? Throw it up and hope it lands correctly? I guess you’d have to extend the ladder to just under the gutter, place it, climb back down and extend the ladder again, then climb back up.


From the website…
Installation :
After checking the gutter for proper installation, set the ladder up at the desired location and at the proper angle. Climb to the gutter and drop the Pro Ladder-Dok (legs first), into the gutter, directly behind the ladder. Pull the bar down until it contacts the gutter edge. If properly set, the ladder will be positioned 1/2” from the gutter.

Interesting. What about gutter guards not visible from the ground. Risk of damage to them? Really just asking to clarify when, where and use of them.

Looks like a solution looking for a problem. It cracks me up that they ask you to look at the gutter first for proper installation. Do you send up a drone?


Leaf guards would definitely render them useless.


Never. Used Extension Ladder Stabilizers.

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Agree Martin. Thinking " first, place the ladder against the gutter to check proper fit and angle" is pretty much what it’s saying. DIY advertising is my first thought.

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They are for pros. It’s right in the name.


Protect yourself! Protect your home! https://www.amazon.com/vdp/fec576ede6c346dabb1bba1cac1f098e

Maybe use this product if you want to go in that direction

I looked at those too. Those looked less user friendly to me. Reviews said they were difficult to get into some gutters because the hole for the pole isn’t threaded but you have to “pull” it into the gutter in some instances.

I get that. At least there’s a means to get it into the gutter without climbing a ladder. I just position the ladder at the angle pictured on the side of the ladder and protect the gutters from my ladder with an old garden hose split down the middle. The weight applied to a gutter when the ladder is positioned properly is not going to damage a gutter. I never have. I know some of you out there may weigh more🙂


You were not affected by the “Covid 20+” I suspect… :wink:

I think the swim noodles cut and fitted on ladders work well. If weight starts to be an issue, invest in a drone, not for gutters, but your own safety. JMO…

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Gizmo checks out… :grin:

It’s not a weight issue, it’s a lack of gutter support issue. :thinking:

Haven’t used that one.
…but I have one of these and I like it. I put it up with an extendable pole. Protects the gutter edge has rubber on the gutter contact side. Helps prevent the ladder from sliding left or right too.

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Do you ever have trouble getting it into the gutter from the ground?

Niether would work with a leaf guard, or such, eh?

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Can’t use it with leaf guards. Can be difficult to position if gutter is full of debris/leaves, etc. Need to position between the gutter nails or support brackets. I also use bungie cords to secure ladder to gutter with or without this “gizmo”. It’s just one more thing I may be able to use in my assault upon the roof. Can be a little tricky to position with the pole when reaching to a 2nd story gutter. When mounting the roof seems sketchy I whip out the drone. Safety first! No roof inspection is worth a fall.

Safety is always first. I have strict rules for when I will climb a roof. Drone is used when necessary. But, it is still a bit embarrassing when I have to, I mean when my “husky” employee has to, bend back the gutter after dismounting a single story 4/12 roof.