Ladder saftey tips!!

Do not try this at home or anywhere else!

Now how about some real ladder safety…

I stole this article from RR…

That was real!!


How about this one?

Can’t remember who I stole this link from but I ordered one and IMO it is fantastic!


That was pretty cool.

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That is pretty nice.

Problem I have had in the past 30 + years is trying to adapt new workers with idiot proof methods in safety and work methods.
The barrier I am up against is the fact that the minute I realize I have perfected a method that is idiot proof, and is working fine for a while, well I’ll be damned, another idiot shows up.
Can’t win. ha. ha.

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Darwin says that even idiots adapt to survive. :mrgreen:


I posted about the Ladder-Max a while back - don’t know if it was my post you saw, but it indeed does add a LOT of lateral stability while keeping your weight off the gutters.

Recently, I’ve also been experimenting with a pair of these:

they also work very well (especially if you if you can tie off to a gutter spike or similar) as there is no lateral force on the ladder at all - you just “step through the ladder” onto the roof. and they can be used with “flat” or low-pitched roof where the Ladder-Max cannot.

I think the “perfect” solution would be some combination of these approaches, but IMO either is much safer than a ladder alone when moving between the ladder and the roof.

The other change I’ve made is to install these on my extension ladders:

so I’m always set up to deal with an uneven surface.

Over the last year I’ve ended up spending around $800 on ladder accessories. and really wondered each time I ordered one if it was worthwhile.

But now that I’m set up as I am, I wish I had done it from day one - IMO being able to easily deal with uneven ground and having some additional control of ladder movement at the top it makes night-and-day difference in safety (and my confidence) even if I’m only inspecting a roof from the eaves due to pitch or weather conditions.

I’d also put in another plug for “Cougar Paw” shoes - though I recently had an unpleasant experience when moving from the south to the north side of a “clear” roof in freezing weather

Though neither showed any visible sign of moisture, the north side was pretty slick, and the grip of the CPs on the south side had perhaps made me a bit over-confident as I moved over the ridge - OTOH the CP’s remaining grip may have saved me from a nasty fall. In any case, lesson learned.

Yeah, I have seen these pics on another post somewhere. That guy standing in the water drilling could have been used for a new 3 stooges episode! The other side of the coin is that I used to be on the safety team on my previous job and these were just the kind of things that we preached to the guys NOT to do. Seems that some people will never learn until they get hurt.

[size=2]They seem like good products as well. I have a Werner 22’ telescopic ladder(Little Giant knock off). I’ve been looking for a quality leveling system for it but have had no luck finding something that I could [FONT=Arial]permanently attach without compromising the functionality of the damn ladder.[/FONT] The last link looks like something that may work … I’ll have to check the specs … Thanks again [/size]