Has anyone used or heard of

Just seeing if anyone uses or has heard anything about this company:

There website feels strange takes along time to load and sounds way too good for that price, they are offering $10.00 mo for storage space and for the reporting software (only online) that is good for pda’s pc’s all that ad the client can check out the report on a secure line…

anyone have anything toward this… sounds too good

Man that does take along time to load, they need help.


Avoid anything that uses a Domino server.


whats a domino server, if you dont mind me asking??

i told you it was slow

Rather than get complicated, don’t use any online service which is slow in producing their own marketing material.


Try X drive it is free.
You can also store a lot of info on Goggle thru Piccasa, docs and spreadsheets,calander,notebook,etc.
Some here use Carbonite for I think 50 a year.
Choose one that will stay in business so you do not lose data when they close.