Report Upload, Customer Service Feedback Technology

Just a reminder is getting great reviews from clients and Realtors alike! We now have more than 300 inspectors using and testing the system and have only found some small bugs in the process. (John McKenna, I believe the email issues are ironed out!)

It’s STILL FREE to sign your company up so log on today to use the best report upload, customer service and feedback technology in our industry! We don’t anticipate fully launching/charging until the first of the year and at that time, depending on the number of inspectors in your company/avg. size of uploaded reports the charge will be about $199 per company (additional inspectors will have an additional charge) per year.

Also, since reports are purged from the servers after 14 days unless manually renewed by the inspector, I was wondering if there was any interest in having an online report storage function? This would be a place where you could store all of your reports for an indefinite amount of time and have access to them whenever needed…Once uploaded, after the 14 day window for clients/Realtors to view, they would automatically move over to storage to be retrieved if needed. Please post comments and feedback.


14 days is not long enough, in my humble opinion…

An on line storage system is best because a customer can come back and have a problem long after the 14 day period you are using currently.

I agree 14 days is not long enough,An on line storage system is best because a customer can come back.

The initial reason for the 14-day period to access reports, is that most contracts require the home inspection to be conducted within 10 days of signing the contract, because of this, the report is generally only needed for a few weeks. They can print and save the report once logging in. Once it is saved they have it forever on their PC’s.

But it sounds like adding a permanent storage capability is needed for some people. What would the average inspector be willing to pay to offer their clients that capability?


Isn’t Bill Merrell already offering that for free? Or something similar?


I’m not sure if he is or not, but I looked on, but could not find anything regarding report storage. Perhaps I am looking on the wrong site?

Regardless, I believe that the report upload technology is second-to-none and adding permanent report storage would only further enhance the technology. The cost is something we have to look into and why I asked what the interest was. Servers cost thousands of dollars a year to run and the more reports/larger reports that are stored, the higher the cost for more space/bandwidth on the server is.