Has the Texas Market Been Flooded with New Inspectors

I recently noticed that the sequential inspector licensing numbers are now being issued in the 20,000 range. Just a couple years back my nephew was issued a 9000 number. Then TREC lowered the bar for test scores shortly after that. Could it be that over 10,000 new inspectors have entered the Texas market in just these few years? That seems like a lot. What’s your opinion?

Its happening every where .I get a couple of phone calls a week asking about becoming a new inspector .
I tell it like it is but for some reason most feel they can do the it and make a living .
When I try to tell them it is a oversaturated market .
They say well I get a good pension and do not need many inspections to be happy.
Some then attack me and say you are just trying to protect the industry and do not want to share the Inspections.
Some say why do you and others not take me out and get me some experience.
We just have TOO many schools??? after the money training new inspectors.

John, when TREC went to the new license database system a year or so ago there was an issue where a few (10-20?) out of sequence license numbers were issued. I’ll try to get you the real numbers in a day or so but the TX HI headcount has been pretty flat for several years. Granted, new HI’s came on board (a couple of hundred) but a like amount left the business or retired.

OK, here are the numbers for active, professional level TX inspectors:
Jan 2011 = 2,096
Jan 2012 = 2,118
July 2012 = 2,103

Those and other headcounts, i.e. inactive, RE & Apprentice level licenses can be found at the TREC Monthly Reports, page 5 here.

Yes, that is pretty flat Mike. That’s about the same number of actives from when I first started in '03. Surely they haven’t gone through 20k licensees,no?


As Mike noted TREC changed up their database a few years ago and that shifted a “few” license numbers to come out in the 20K range.

I think they went back to yet another number scheme, but it was not the sequential one that our licenses are part of.

TREC has had more than a few problems with their database and website over the past couple of years. Seems like it has stabilized a bit over recent time.

[quote=“mboyett, post:4, topic:72553”]

July 2012 = 2,103

It appears they are all in Houston.

:slight_smile: I’m sure it seems that way at times.

In any profession there is a tendency to think everyone tries to do it. I welcome the newcomers but really we need to get our fees up. Personally I don’t see how some are really making a living at this.