Have a product or service to sell to the inspection industry? Become a vendor member.

Cool Nick, what sort of fee is charged Vendor Members to have access to our/your MB Community?

Anyone with questions, concerns, kudos, etc. must make sure to express that in the “Vendor Offer Announcement thread” otherwise the vendor doesn’t seem to have a duty to address your query, per the link above.

From link: https://www.nachi.org/vendor.htm

“IMPORTANT: You have a duty to regularly respond to questions about your company, your products, your services, your privacy policies, your return policies, and anything else InterNACHI members may post about you on the message board thread where we announce your offer. Failure to fulfill this duty will result in your vendor membership being cancelled and no refund will be made.”

Same as you. They become members of InterNACHI… vendor members.

I’m sure that everyone realizes this will legally allow all vendors full access to each members contact information. Vendors already mine our data. Now it will be available to them on a ‘silver platter’, courtesy of Nick and InterNachi.

Wrong. Vendors have no more access than they ever did. Home inspectors have to publicize their contact information to get work and if a consumer can contact you, so can a vendor.