Have you never gone shooting before but want to?

I am going to Markham park in Broward County and am willing to let anyone who has never shot before use my stuff and even my bullets :slight_smile: We need to do all we can to get new people into our sport. Any shooters out there that want to meet me there with your stuff that would be cool as well but bring your own darn bullets :smiley:

Weather is supposed to only be around 80 :smiley:

Come to think of it I will keep this offer going as long as I can. Ladies I know of two places you can shoot Free of range fee’s. I believe it is Monday and Fridays. I have gone to the Monday place often with my wife and her friends. Mondays I am normally free and will do all I can to help those who have never shot before. I have all you need, you just have to show up and want to learn. The place that has free shooting for ladies on Monday is Ft laud Shoot Straight and I think Nexus in Davie has it on Fridays but have not been there to shoot but have toured it and it is very nice as well and even has cool digital targets.

Will you pay for my airline ticket, lodging and meals?
If so it is a deal…
OH Yes! And my bar tab?

Fuk your airline ticket…But you can stay here and eat and drink as much as you want anytime :smiley:

I got a fat chocolate lab and plenty and kitties for you to cuddle with :smiley:

You beat me to it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cats are OK but the Chocolate Lab will make a nice comfy pillow! :smiley:

Anytime Manny :slight_smile:

For the rest I just went to Bass Pro and have my range ammo now and am going for sure.