Anyone Currently Do Cowboy Acton Shooting or Used To?

I am considering doing this as a once a month hobby. I have a authentich Winchester hammer action pump shotgun that I think qualifies and a couple of Ruger black powder 44’s but no lever-action in pistol caliber. Looking for advice or just someone to chat with about the hobby.

It looks like a fun way to spend one Saturday a month in the morning.

I would be the youngest one in the group also from what I saw last Saturday :smiley:

A little corny but I bet I would not be thinking about my problems while playing cowboy

Don’t shoot your good foot :wink:

No doubt that would fit the past 6 years of lucks pattern :slight_smile:

I saw the ole timers Saturday and it looked like fun. At least till full blown summer got here. I sure would love to live somewhere where it was 70 and sunny every day :smiley:

I would do a lot more outside things.

I HATE THE HEAT :frowning: I ain’t talking basketball either.

For the record I climbed my first ladder today to do a roof condition report.

I survived.

Does this count ?

If ya still got the outfit and guns then your almost there :slight_smile:

The dressing up part is the least attractive part but just like here if I want to be a member I got to play by their rules.

Some day I’m gonna start something with NO RULES :slight_smile:

I have no idea what though.

It is funny how I get interested in quite a few things till I find out what the members require.

Networking, memberships, clubs, forums, etc…

What is it called when someone wants to be a part of stuff just not told how he must do it? A d-ckhead I guess :slight_smile: Weird but I just never seem to agree with all of what any group wants from me, from politics to clubs and activities.

Amen, love the target shooting, favorite is still the old milk jug full of juice at 500-1000 yds.

I would love to have a place to shoot distances. The closest to me I believe is mikes guns at the North end of the lake 3oo yards max.

Tis a shame, just not enough land around here :frowning:

Heck I even considered the military when I was a kid but then I was not Man enough to follow orders if I was told charge the hill and there was someone on top with a machine gun. “I’d of faced a Court Martial for sure” Thanks again to all those who served because I could not have done it. My admiration and thanks go out to you all.

and will fight as long as i can to keep whats left !