Shooting Place In SouthEast Florida

Does anyone have a place to shoot where we will not get hassled? I am in Broward and am looking for a place to practice in the area.

Private property preferred. No range/fees/rules/times etc…

Just a place to set up some targets and practice without being hassled.


I am just looking for a place where I can go shoot without bothering anyone like we used to do in the good ole days.



Come on with 90+ reads none of you have a good place to keep up on ones skills.

Now days it is of the most importance to be proficient with whatever you own.

Plus it is sure good clean family fun.

You provide the place I’ll cook the lunch :slight_smile:

There are now so many cool targets that you can set up on a rather small piece of land and have a great time while making sure your skills stay honed.

I sure miss the good ole days of sitting out in the back yard at about 182nd and Griffen Road shooting Lilly pad flowers with the 22 almost every afternoon/evening.

You can come over to my house and shoot over the fence…

I almost forgot…I just made ribs!

mmmmm ribs.
I’m there if I can just show up and shoot without fear of jail :slight_smile: for practicing.

Peg leg and all. :slight_smile:

Great product for those with a screwed up lower leg :frowning:

Way back in the 70s, we used to shoot off of Hillsborough blvd & 95. They had a motocross course there and then a bunch of woods.
A friend had a Toyota land cruiser and we used to run it over the moto course…then go shoot some trees!

Those truly were god ole days.


I would not go back even though I miss it.

If I lost what little I have left.

Daughter and Wife. They are all that matters to me.

Mike, there are very good reasons why people just don’t shoot in the woods anymore. Go to a recognized range, that would mean you would have to follow the rules.

We know How I feel about rules. It is actually more about time and conveince than the rules. I have shot at more than a few ranges over the last 20 years with no problems but it is not nearly as fun and is very inconveinient.
And there are still legal places you can shoot.
Private Property.

Private property or not, safe shooting and Florida firearm regs still apply. The days of pulling off the road in South Florida with your 223 and blasting cans are gone.

John is correct, join a recognized range and follow the rules. You might meet some great people and have more fun than you thought. Especially now that all of our gun rights are under attack from those who do not shoot and do not respect our Constitutional rights.

Teaching my 13 year old about Gun Control… Gun pointed down range in a safe direction, ear protrection, eye protection…Yes, I’m a real gun control fanatic.

Nothing made me prouder than when my 13 year old qualified and passed the shooting requirement to be an associate member at the gun range.

You all are wrong.

All you need is a good backdrop and follow regular gun safety rules and you are fine.

What you guy say would make hunting un-safe and it is one of the safest sports one can participate in.

You guys apparently like to be told how to do things and do not feel you can make the proper decisions on your own. It seems to be the way a great many Home Inspectors feel. I am one who does not have the need for others to tell me what or how to do things and I do not like others infringing on my rights to decide what I do and when.

You guys are entitled to your opinions but Americans have been participating in the shooting sports for a couple of hundred years without the need to go to a city/government approved place to do so.

I would ALMOST bet that more accidents happen on ranges than personal property.

Baaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaa not me.

What cal is he shooting there? Sure ain’t no 22 :slight_smile:

Glock 35, 40 cal. He deadly accurate with a 357.


Teach em young is the only way to do it.

Mine is turning 7 and I finally found a BB gun she could shoulder.

The Daisy Buck. The stock is outside getting it’s final coatings of lacquer over the florescent pink. The stock brown would scratch with your fingernail. real poor finish but nice fiber optic sights.

The Red Ryder and pump version comes in a nice girly pink but not the buck which is the only one she can shoulder properly to get the correct sight picture.

Next purchase for her and her cousins to learn on if I can talk granny into it is the Ruger Bearcat in stainless. I’ll trade a single six with just the 22 non MAG cylinder for a bearcat if anyone has one :slight_smile: Must be of similar quality. My single six is nice. no damage.

Bearcat I want below:

Daisy Buck she has now: Before paint job :slight_smile:

We shoot right outside our houses in my neighborhood. Neighbors shot all afternoon yest.

Good and safe times for sure.

When I was a kid and had Birthday Parties we shot everything we had and always some hand thrown clays.

It was well remembered by the kids from the City :slight_smile:

I lived at griffin and 182nd most my schoolmates lived in plantation or Hollywood hills. I went to NOVA elementary. Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary. Back in the days when schools were named after Heroes and the like. D.D.E. sure was for learning to shoot.

Our COUNTRY IS LOSING it’s pride in our gun rights and our individual rights to protect ourselves. Imagine what was thought of someone living in Texas or most NON CITIES 150 years ago that could not handle a gun.

Mike I belong to a PRIVATE range and we have rules for safety. Ask Jay, I did his orientation.


That is great for you and your desires. I have no problems with that.

I want a place to shoot when and how I want. That is what would suit me best.

I am not a person who likes being in groups or even really enjoys spending time with others.

I would rather go out sight in a rifle or practice and go home. Suite me fine not to come in contact with another person during the whole process.

They just slow me down and take up time I would rather be spending with my family.

Just a loner myself that’s all.

I am not what you would call a people person. :slight_smile:

Another example I took apart my wife’s pistol and put it back together. I would like to step out back like I use to to see if it fires. Instead i have to travel 10 to 15 minutes each way pay $10 or so and 15 minutes on site all for something that would not take me 5 minutes 25 years ago. It sucks and I dislike it.

And do not forget the paperwork showing id buying a target hanging it up, locking the gun upon entry of range walking through range to firing line having gun unlocked, etc… all a pain in the *** when I could just pop a few rounds off into the canal out back.

Yes, great class.

Tonight, we will be shooting clays till 9 pm under the lights. High house, low house, doubles.