Asbestos Insulation ?

Inspected a house built in 1969 today and found what I think is asbestos insulation. I have near seen it to be in this good of shape. The inside was a yellow fiberglass insulation with a metal backing then the white fiber wrap. I know to recommend testing, but I wasn’t even sure it was asbestos. I seen it 20 or more times over the years. Does anyone have any thoughts.

Carver-StewartHills 057.JPG

Carver-StewartHills 058.JPG

Carver-StewartHills 059.JPG

Not asbestos.

The yellow foam gives it away.

Agree, Thank you

I think it is glass wool which is used to provide thermal insulation to steam and hot pipes like that of boilers and reactors and not asbestos. For steam tracing purpose we do use steam tracing ropes made of glass fiber particles which is white in color. The GI covering done looks good to me but there are some open parts where there are chances of these tiny particles to get escaped.

not asbestos. this is generally a good look at asbestos pipe insulation.

Asbestos wrap or insulation looks more like a white cardboard with fibers.

I updated my post to include a picture.


I found this blown on insulation on the garage concrete ceiling and piping wrap insulation on a pipe that ran through the garage and also on a pipe near the water heater of a unit in an apartment building. Can anyone tell me if these are asbestos insulations?

Does anyone know if
uni-temp brand loose fill is asbestos