Hazardous Panels

What brand circuit breaker panels do you consider hazardous on a 4 Point report?
Zinsco, Stab-Lok, Sylvania, etc.
Does anyone call out Challenger or Bryant?
Thanks for your response. :-k

None ! Either they have issues or they don’t.

None. I enter in the manufacturer and that is all.

Exactly, we don’t determine if a particular manufacture of a panel is hazardous or not (unless it shows signs that it is). The carriers determine that…just list the manufacturer on the form and let the underwriter decide.

Thanks all. I do appreciate your input.

On the Citizens form, there is a section for “hazards present”, then they ask for “electrical panel brand/model”.

So you are saying that part is left blank & you list what brand in the info section above?

Correct. Unless of course there are other hazards to list…

I always list any hazards if there are any. Always list the panel brand and model and they will decide if they don’t like it. Federal Pacific Stab Lok will be disqualified by them not you.

I leave it blank unless a hazard is noticed. Any underwriter worth their salt should be able to see what it is in the pictures I provide.

From 7 years of experience in the property and causality field, the two panels we list on our insurance inspections are fuse panels and FPE Panels. Alot of insurance companies will make the insured replace this type of panel. One insurance company will hold a 10% hazardous deductible.

I only list hazards. What might or may happen does not concern me. If something is happening that is a problem.


The insurance company is actually your client on a 4 point. It is a requirement by the insurance company for their client to obtain insurance. you just happen to be the one filling out the report and the client has to pay for it. It has always been my feeling the insurance companies should be the ones paying us

I believe it is our duty to point out to our clients that “most” insurance companies will not accept FPE or Sylvania panels.

I agree, although I will only state that to the client and not put it on the 4 Pt report.

The reason I asked - a client called me last week about the report I did 3 months ago.
He said his insurance company, Florida Peninsula, recently sent an inspector to the house & took pics.
He then got a letter stating he must change both his panels to maintain coverage.
Panel brand: Challenger.

I make my clients aware at the inspection that there is a very good possibility that they may not be able to keep their coverage with, aluminum wiring, FP, Zinsco, Sylvania, Challenger,breaker panels, fuses, shingle roofs older than 20 years,pb pipe, pex, galvanized pipe, when any of those are present. I instruct them to find out before the purchase the home if they can get insurance, that way, the seller can either repair the items or they don’t buy the home.

It is a sad state where the insurance company can make you change something that is more than likely, perfectly fine and functioning as intended, or you lose your coverage and have to get forced placed insurance, to keep your mortgage. Legalized extortion is the term that comes to mind! :twisted:

Pretty much how I handle it.

Lets not forget the proverbial TPR drain line…I hear they are sending them back for repair when missing or installed wrong. Desk jockey scrutinizing pictures.

If you realized how important that valve is, you would know that one day, one of those “desk jockeys” will save a life, because they made someone repair a TPR valve installation. A water heater exploding will wreck someones day! (And their House!)

YAHOO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDzC8RfJzJk

It’s not just the blast either it’s obviously the jack hand or plumber that installed the TPR with no discharge tube facing the human side instead of the wall. No discharge tube is serious either way.