Head lamps?

Im sure this has been talked about before but I thought I would ask anyway.
I have found i like to enter crawlspaces and attics with a head light and a back up flashlight. And I like using the headlamp when doing elec panels,water heaters,AC units ect… it just frees my hands up and the older I get the more light I need.
Currently Im using an el-cheapo walmart lamp thats ok but After searching the web for a high quality/high powered light. I cant decide what to buy.
Im looking for light weight …comfortable, rechargeable… all the light I can get and a decent price… any advise ?

I use this one. Comfortable and very bright.

I got one on Amazon for like $35. The brand name is Boruit, I’m pretty sure. It’s 5000 lumens, rechargeable. I love that thing, brightest I’ve ever seen. I will look it up.

This thing is the bomb.

That looks pretty cool.

I have one I found at Costco one day. It’s OK. I like that one much better!

Petzel makes climbing equipment, I have a headlamp of theirs for years. Super durable and the batteries do well…

I use a Surefire variable output model that is shockingly bright in a crawl or attic. Rechargeable, and worth every penny.



I’ve been using these for years, great if you wear a hat regularly. They used to be carried at Home Depot but Amazon still has them:


thanks guys!!

Brian’s is my favorite I have 2 I like they take normal batteries. I was afraid they stopped making them. you can also change the angle at will :slight_smile:

I use a 700 lumen li-ion rechargeable LED light on an angry birds helmet (with sound effects)