head light?

when I get in crawlspaces and attics I use a flashlight in one hand and a camera in the other. I just haven’t found a head light that suits me …what yall using? note yall is a professional word in the south lol

I use a j 5 tactical flaslight. Fits between my fingers. An energizer head light. I have them laying around all over the place. I really just use the flashlight though.

good choices there

I Use aSure Fire Maximus, variable output, unbelievably bright when you need it to be.



This is by far my favorite but they seem to becoming hard to find. real inexpensive fits brim of cap and uses regular aaa or aa batteries I do not remember for sure. I think aaa.

I hate all the ones that have straps and the ones that us button cells. My advice is if you find what is in the picture buy a few :slight_smile: Good luck.


Other side has wire clip and you can aim it up and down 2 white power settings high and low and a red setting.

I have several of those, they work great.

Tri Tronics Nightrazor & bump cap.


Bump Cap

I agree but they are getting hard to find. I would buyt 10 if I had the extra bucks. The thing I like is a batteries and they do a great job in all situations.

Home Depot has them in stock here.

If they don’t there, I’m sure you can order online.

I have a petzel brand head lamp. Have had 10+ years. I use to use all time, but have found just flashlight to be easier as always has battery charged since I rotate 2 streamlight strions. The I don’t really need 2 hands free in crawl space or attics and it’s easier to point flashlight and look at large area.

I use both a head light and a hand held flash light. The head light is good when you need to type into your iPad and you need both hands. I’m a firm believer in never having enough light sources, so long as they don’t weigh you down.

There are tons of head lights to choose from. My favorite company is STREAMLIGHT, they make some great equipment.