Health Canada promoting radon kits that promote InterNACHI and IAC2 exclusively.

Watch the video:

On the back of each PRO-LAB kit is a link to

Need help I must have missed the place where Health Canada Promoted NACHI and IAC2

… Roy

Thanks Nick:

I have been promoting them since the first e-mail of 50000 retailers stocking them.:smiley:

Narrator: Do it yourself radon detectors are the simplest and cheapest way to test your home. Kits are available at home supply stores. It should be left in your home, undisturbed for three months and then sent back to the laboratory to be tested.

Doesn’t mention prolab kits by name but these are the only ones I have seen in stores.

Wow that is just wonderful finally my federal money well spent!

C’est formidable, finalement une partie de mes taxes est bien dépensée!

Good job Nick & interNACHI, I hope OACIQ and CIGM broker & other members will think twice before recommending home inspectors.

Beau travail Nick & interNACHI, j’espère que l’OACIQ, les courtiers de la CIGM et les autres prendront le temps de recommander des inspecteurs qualifiés pour effectuer cette tâche.

Brossard-Quebec Canada :slight_smile:


You have to read the thread title slowly and view the video in slow motion…and all will fall into place.:wink:

i just finished the Radon test for my house, will ship it back to health Canada this week

Hi Nick, is there any chance of working out a deal for Pro Lab kits for Inachi members?