Thank you Health Canada! Health Canada contributed to our new course.

Thank you Health Canada! Health Canada contributed to our new course.

But more importantly, do they approve of it?


Health Canada does not approve anyone’s radon courses. They leave that to


Does Health Canada approve of

Health Canada doesn’t approve or disapprove of private indoor-air trade associations.

"Thank you Health Canada! Health Canada contributed to our new course."

*The (spin) Doctor is always in!! *

Com’on, Nick!! We already exposed that they “contributed” some documentation to your research…documentation that was already in the public domain. It is a civil servant’s job to provide such info when a simple request is received from the public. They contributed nothing to the course, in fact!!

Here are some facts in a letter from Health Canada regarding “the contribution” and HC’s view of the INACHI radon testing course:

Reply from Health Canada, re my letter pertaining to Nachi (N. Gromicko) stating Health Canada recognizes/provides course material for Nachi Radon course.

[FONT=tahoma][FONT=arial][FONT=Tahoma]From: Karen Lloyd <>
*To: *
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 9:46:23 AM
Subject: Endorsement (file #09-075041 - 890)

Dear Mr. …,

Thank you for your email regarding the internet posting for a radon
measurement course being offered by the International Association of
Certified Home Inspectors
Although the posting on the website may lead some readers to interpret
that Health Canada provided assistance in the design of the course, this
assertion is not explicit in the online statement, nor is any reference
made to a Health Canada endorsement or to Health Canada in general in the
course being offered. After contacting the organization responsible for
both the posting and the course, we have confirmed that the “contribution
provided by Health Canada was
permission to use the content of a radon
report available on the Health Canada public website***.** As a federal*
government department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and
improve their health, we continually research, develop and publish health
*related information. *Permission to use content from our website and
reports is regularly provided to the public.

Health Canada is actively working towards the establishment of a Canadian
certification program for providers of radon measurement and remediation
services. Health Canada is working closely with two U.S.-based
certification organizations, the National Environmental Health Association
(NEHA) and the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) to expand and adapt their
current radon certification and proficiency programs to satisfy Canadian
requirements. In addition, Health Canada has engaged the Standards Council
of Canada to work towards the accreditation of these two organizations as
radon measurement and remediation certification bodies for Canada.
(see if you can get the INACHI course accredited by these folks…they are the real McCoy. Good luck!!)

In the interim, Health Canada is encouraging service providers to seek
certification from either NEHA or the NRSB, (and not INACHI certified radon testers)
and Canadians, in general, are being encouraged to look for these certifications when engaging any service

provider to test or mitigate their homes for radon*. Dissemination of this*
information is an integral part of Health Canada’s public education and
awareness efforts, and further details can be found on the Health Canada
website at: ](

Should you have any other questions concerning radon, please feel free to
contact Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau at or

Karen Lloyd[/FONT]

Marcel and Rodney:

As you can see, the above letter more than answers your questions, especially Marcel’s last couple of posts!!!. If this post is deleted, I can forward the letter to you. Straight answers are hard to get from “The Doctor”! Always ask the members (well, many of them) or non-members to get the truth.