info required for radon certification

Can anyone from canada tell me where I can do my radon certification, and if the iaq2 from nachi stands up in canadian requirements.?


IAC2 accepts a variety of course providers. We are in development of our own comprehensive online course which will be free to members and accepted by IAC2 as well so you might want to wait a month for its release.

excellent Nick, Will that cover me with a Radon testing certification for Canada as well. I want to try to use this slow market to come out swinging when things get going again

Yes. I caution you though…radon testing is not very profitable. Read this: I wrote it 5 years ago but with the price of gas, it is just as valid.

I find it very profitable. I use a CRM so my costs are fixed. I also try to either drop or pick up the monitor at an inspection. As far as other services, it’s not as big a money maker because of some of the things Nick has stated. However, it’s not bad if you are organized.

The way to make big bucks with it, IMHO, is to offer to do it for ALL your fellow home inspectors. There is some advatages to having to pickup and place more monitors in geographic loops. Less miles/time per test. A couple U.S. Chapters actually designated one member to do all the radon tests for the entire chapter. Much more efficient.


Is IAC2 recognized in Canada? As Gord asked, will that cover me with a Radon testing certification for Canada as well?