INACHI at Home Depot

Wished I would have had my camera. IAC2 logo noticed on mold test kits for consumers. It’s nice to see home inspection marketing directed at consumers. :cool:

That has been “going on” for a long time now.

It is a “Good Way” to promote NACHI while by-passing Home Inspectors who conduct Radon in Air, Lead, and Mold Inspections!

Who needs an inspector when you can “Do It Yourself”! ](*,)

I actually got a call for mold testing from a person who found me on the web site listed on the back of the box of a Home Depot Mold test kit.

Lowes here pulled them

The millions of radon, water, lead, and mold tests we have in 50,000 retail outlets don’t take work away from inspectors, they create work for our members.

For instance, most people who buy a do-it-yourself mold test never send it back to the lab. Once they read the somewhat difficult directions, they call a professional. The back of the box tells them where to find one.

Another example, most consumers who have never tested their home radon aren’t going to call you anyway, but might be enticed into picking up a radon kit when at the store for some other purchase. Making these consumers indoor-air aware helps inspectors.

And finally, the portion of the market that is strictly do-it-themselves is not one an inspector can initially tap directly anyway, so selling them a laboratory test does no harm but increasing awareness, which does help us, and gets us some leads.

I was traveling in the middle of nowhere yesterday and found it fun to see IAC2 logo’d products with links back to in the check-out isle of the town’s Walmart.

John writes:

Wait till our new book hits Home Depot and Lowes. If you thought promoted members, this new one is even better.


Nice job, Nick.

I actually got a mold job off someone reading the back - they wanted a “better” test!