Health Insurance through InterNACHI

Nick, looking for an update on this topic. According to the current web page " Health Insurance: New regulations going into effect right now will make it possible for InterNACHI® to offer an association health plan. We are actively working with insurance carriers, and expect to offer such a plan as early as Spring 2020." Well, enrollment for 2020 has passed and we haven’t heard anything new on the subject. Being a self-employed inspector for several years now, with horrible private options, this is a massive hot-topic for my wife and her many reasons why I should be back to punching a clock for someone else. I understand association wide, this is a logistic nightmare, but you brought it up, so now I’m just looking for an answer. With InterNACHI being based in Colorado, I hoped it would at least start here, where logistics would be simpler and more manageable, then grow out from there.

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