Hey Nick - How about an interNACHI Inspector Healthcare Association?

I think the door just got kicked open. Whaddya think?

I’m thinking that the $17K that I’m paying in premiums now would go one hell of a lot farther in an open market. Actually, I know that they will if I don’t have to pay penalties for buying the type of coverage that I want/need vs. what they coerce me to buy. I’m sure many others are in the same boat. I shudder to think what Bummercare marketplace premiums are going to grow to next year.

As a group with access to the full market, we should be able to do much better for our members.

Fantastic idea! First thing I thought of when President Trump made the announcement today.

I would love this. Health care is so damn expensive for my family is sucks!!! I love the idea Chuck.

Chuck, I had the same thought earlier today, this is one of the biggest issues/ expenses facing all of us nationwide


Welcome back Free Enterprise.

Nick, check out the sweet deal the congress has for insurance and see if we can jump on their backs for a change.

Just getting an email about renewal/open enrollment… the time is now. Good idea Chuck!

Well this thread is not being answered

The President signed an executive order instructing agencies to allow “association health plans”on the market. These are skimpy insurance plans that provide very little insurance.

These plans prey on people who are young, healthy, and stupid. (Sorry, most of us are stupider than we think.) They are cheap, but offer very little protection. If you break your leg or have a baby, you’ll be on the hook for massive hospital bills.

I’m for it.

It would be a good option to have.

Try to stick to subjects that you know something about. Let us know if you find one.

So there is a plan??? Oh wait, never mind :roll:

ASHI claims to have a healthcare plan. Why not InterNACHI?

Fair question

Stupid idea from a dummy.Maybe if you ever find work will have other things to worry about .
Perhaps if you did not vote for the big Dummy in Washington these goofy thoughts of yours would not be needed .

You are a real piece of work.

Please do fill us in on the details based on your experience. Me, I only have about 23 years experience working for a Group Heathcare insurer and only made it to VP before retiring.

Please tell us all about your credentials and then teach us dummies about Healthcare insurance. I’ll wait for you to regale us with your expertise on the topic.

Like I said, if you ever find a topic that you know something about, do let us know. I’m sure it will be entertaining. Now crawl back in your hole.

P.S. Whenever you’re ready to post your business stats, I’m game.

Lol… Always pretending to be a pseudo intellectual eh Chucky. 23 years in a office… Now it makes sense.

You’re an idiot Blob. I’m not the one that posted a fake I.Q. in an effort to try to stroke my own ego. That didn’t go so well, did it?

I guess you’re done talking about Healthcare now right, since we’ve fairly established that it’s yet another topic where you have an opinion, but no knowledge? Keep looking for a topic that you know something about. There must be something…

For the last several years, you seem to be incapable of anything other than belittling members here. I got news for you, it backfires and it’s your own reputation that suffers. You’re little more than comic relief now - a joke. The value of your contributions here is a net negative.

Back in your hole.