InterNACHI is launching its own affordable Group Health Insurance Plan for members.

Please take this survey: Health Insurance Survey

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Thank you Nick!

I did the survey.




Funny… The concept sounds vaguely familiar

I completed the form. I hope it proves viable.

It could not be done until recently. Credit given to Donald Trump who, through executive order, made AHPs possible.

Yes, It’s a continuation of what he launched in October of last year Trump officials roll out new rule for small business health insurance plans - CNNPolitics.

Like I said, I hope it proves viable for the association membership.

Survey complete… hoping for a good outcome!

Just completed the survey Nick !!



All done


Hey nick, do we have an eta on when this might roll out? Insurance is one of the main reasons I have not quit my full time job yet and went full time inspection

Survey done.


I wouldn’t be in any hurry at quitting your day job. Just saying. :wink:

rumor has it
painless & NO (phishing) personal data collected

Done! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


=D>Trump has done some good things that neither a Rep or Dem would do.