Heartlands Regional Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Lenexa, Kansas on Sept 16, 2017.


Come meet Billy B.

Since the mid 80’s the Realtors in St. Louis promoted ASHI to buyers. They had brochures explaining the home inspection process to buyers, sellers, etc AND in the brochure it recommended using ASHI inspectors or similar wording.

St Louis is as everyone knows and for 30 years many of the ASHI inspectors in St Louis promoted the philosophy of "If You’re NOT an ASHI inspector you don’t work here.

Over the years I’ve seen many inspectors in St Louis try to build a business AND not join the ASHI club … NEVER seen any make it UNTIL Billy Boerner.

Billy started building his online presence 3-4 years ago in St. Louis AND tweeking his SEO, etc. He devoted his time to NOT soliciting Realtors AND not joining the ASHI club (no hard feelings BUT he had his club - iNACHI).

He has built a highly successful inspection business WITHOUT being dependent on real estate agents PUSHING him along AND without lowball fees either … For St. Louis, Billy’s fees are near the upper end of the scale AND he does mostly “Bread & Butter” houses (under 2,400sf).

He will spend the last hour or so of our seminar telling others how to do what he’s done. If you need a boost … Come on out Sept 16th in KC

I think the Heartlands Regional Chapter Seminar in Kansas City on Saturday September 16th will be a good one. We had 14 inspectors register the 1st day we announced it.

Is this event still open? Having difficulty opening the link. Thanks.

Yep. It’s on.