Heat for pipes?? and Pump ???

Is the yellow wrapping for preventing or thawing out frozen pipes??

Is the device under the first floor laundry sink a pump?


129808 028 (Small).jpg

129808 028 (Small).jpg

129808 041 (Small).jpg

Yes the yellow heat tape is to **prevent **freezing and the little device under the sink sure looks to be a pump with a timer for what reason I have no clue.

The first pic is improperly installed heat tracing.

That’s correct. Heat tape is not supposed to cross over itself according to the mfgs. instructions.

The second pic is a hot water recirc pump with a built in timer.

In addition, the heat tape will not be fully effective unless the system is insulated. Also, for best efficiency, a thermostat should be installed so that the heat tape is only on when needed.