Water Pipe Heater switch

This switch was located outside of a bathroom. I work in South Carolina and I’ve never seen this before. Any thoughts?

Sure I’ll go first. Looks like a water pipe heater switch😄


Gee, thanks for the insight

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Sorry Chad honestly you really can’t confirm what it does without seeing it. Maybe it’s something like heat tape wrapping a pipe.

Does It get cold enough to freeze pipes in South Carolina?

I’ve seen it happen to cpvc but it’s rare.

If it is a heat tape it must be visible?

This was in an upstairs bathroom, so I could not see the pipes

That’s OK Chad just report that you couldn’t see it and you cannot report on operation or configuration.

Chad, it could be that the piping located in that upstairs location, may be one of the last areas that warm or hot water gets to. It may have been installed as a “booster” to heat the water line prior to someone wanting to shower or bath and having to wait and waste water for the heated water to get there. Just a theory…

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Agree with Martin… :smile:

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Larry…,you’re one of the good ones.

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It takes one to know one, Martin. :cowboy_hat_face: :smile:


I agree that it’s probably a booster of sorts. My recommendation would be to ask the seller about the purpose of the switch.

Morning, Martin.
Hope this post finds you and all the members well.

I hope you do not mind if I add to you resourceful and comprehensive post, with an indictor light to insure the power is on or off?
If you do, please avoid the post.

Best regards.

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Absolutely Robert thank you🙂

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Likely connected to a hot water circulation pump.

But you would have to look at the water heater to confirm.

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This would be needed on a bidet, so the first shot of water is warm

When you realize the bidet water is cold….