Heat Pump Run Capacitance bump up a size?


I had someone tell me today that you could go up in capacitance value on a dual run capacitor and it wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve only heard of going up in voltage on a capacitor, but not capcitance. Mine is a 5uF/30uF, 440V. The guy was telling me I could use a 5uF/35uF, 440V and it won’t be a problem. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

I did just discover this article, but not sure how much of a problem the 5uF difference would cause in my situation:




Technically you can go to 33mfd so a 35 is not a huge difference, I would use the 35 in my system(s). The 35 has a tolerance anyway and may be less. The motors etc are not that fragile anyway.

Thanks Bruce.