Heat pump that's "heat only?"

Hi, we are buying a home that initially had no HVAC at all.

While it was on the market the home owner installed a “$3200 goodman 3 ton” in the house but the realtor claims it is “Heat only.”

We walked around and did not see a condenser, and i don’t see one (luckily) in the attic.

Is it possible this is a heat-only heat pump? Is it something we can add AC to eventually?


Here is a photo of the air handler:

Get the model # or take a picture.

My crystal ball ain’t that good…

If it is a Heat pump, it has heat and cool because that is what a heat pump is.

Why are you using a Realtor for a Home Inspection?
Oh yea, the same reason your here. $

Sorry for the pic, I couldn’t get far enough to the side to really see a model #. The receipt only said “Goodman 3 Ton” so not terribly informative.

I’m more curious if a heat pump, without cooling, is something that is commonly installed for “heat only” requirements, and if it’s a common modification to add on a condenser.

Also I’m not using a realtor for a home inspection? The realtor I mentioned was the listing agent for the property. Our home inspection isn’t until next week and I was simply curious.

It would be somewhat helpful to know what State you live in

A heat pump has a reversing valve that is controled from the thermostat and is operated in the heat mode or the cooling mode. No heat mode only. If it does not have a reversing valve its not a heat pump. Your picture only shows a supply air plenum which tells me nothing.

There are different kinds of HP’s air to air, ground source HP, Geo thermal with water. I have never met a Realtor that new sickum from come here about the systems that comprises a home. They know how to collect a commission check only and that includes my wife the Realtor. Your home inspector that you hire should be able to describe the kind of heating system you have, if he can not you need to fire him or her;-):wink:

Heat only heat pumps.

Absorbtion system have been around for ever had one on my own house back in the early 70’s. Sounds like what you linked to is still not on the market