Paul Harvey and many others have been talking this heater up, using thermal heat waves. I have heard and seen many people talking about it and how they save around 50 percent on the energy bills. The company was in my area today selling the units for fifty less than normal and I picked one up. It is suppose to heat 1100 sq ft evenly. My house is bigger but it is just me and my wife so I thought I would give it a try. I brought it home and plugged it in around 4 hours ago, it has been between thirty and thirty two degrees all day. My central unit ran all morning, since plugging the new unit in, my central has not come on once and it is very warm in the house. Here is the link http://www.edenpurestore.com/ I was just wondering if anyone else has bought one and what you think?

The thermal video at the bottom is pretty cool.

Nothing new here Ben.

What is your cost per kilowatt in TN?

Mine is $0.11

I think around .10 here, do you use one? So far I can see where this will save, like I said my unit hasn;t come on in many hours.

Do some calculations for you cost per BTU for this unit and your normal heat source.

It’s the only way to tell.

Though electric heat is better than 95% efficient it usually cost more per BTU than other fuel sources.

I am all electric due to the distance I live out. My central unit has still not turned on and the temperature outdoors is slowly dropping. I can see where this will save me money bc the central is not running. How much is yet to be determined.

Are you sure you turned it on? :wink:

I looked at the spec sheet draws 12.6 amps the compresor in my new heat pump draws 13 amps my electrical bill for Nov was $69.00 :smiley:

Thirty and thirty two outdoors, now 29.

My unit is all electric and about 10yrs old, but its too cold to see what it pulls.HA. My Bill typically is around 230 and up for Nov thru Feb. Of course we also keep the pool open all year, the wife likes to stare at it and dream.

$69 for Novemeber is Great, I would gladly trade with you.

I’m sorry Ben, but the numbers don’t work out.

I have looked at this unit before. What you have, is a better distribution system. If the heat is better distributed, your more comfortable. If your more comfortable you can turn down the heat and reduce your utility.

Central Air units are very inefficient, so this thing will in fact save you money, but not for the reasons they state.

I always love this one!
No heat removes water vapor from the air (directly).
It may use the high humidity air for combustion and replace it with cold/dry air from outdoors which has a very low humidity when heated back to the room temp.

But it doesn’t burn it up and dry the air as they imply.

Hows things on your side of the river? The money is all I was looking for. Haha. I see and understand what you are saying, but as long as the central doesn’t run as much, I am happy. Honestly if it does half of what they claim it will pay for itself. I have also contemplated putting it in my garage for my two best friends and let them have a little heat this winter instead of a heat lamp.

Your heat pump can operate more efficiently per watt consumed, under certain conditions. But an electric device can only produce 3.413 BTU/W.

1 kW is 3,413 BTUs. Therefore, 1500 Watts = 1.5 kW and 1.5 kW x 3413 BTU/kW = 3 413 * 1.5 = 5 119.5 BTUs per hr for a 1500 Watt heater

I can tell you the many ways a Heat Pump looses you money, but I’m not going to do it here. I’ll let Ben take care of that.

Electric space heaters are “pigs”!
Once their heat gets 40 inches above the floor, it’s wasted.
In the IR show, that hot spot on the ceiling is a big waste because the greater the temperature differential, the faster the heat passes through the ceiling. It never has a chance to get back to the floor, so it’s gone!

Don’t get me wrong, we heat pump only guys need auxiliary heat sources when the mercury falls.
That is a good unit, but the marketing is bogus! :slight_smile:

You WILL save money, in spite of it. Just don’t jump on their band wagon!
The key is distribution.You can’t argue with the IR Camera!

If you can set your central heat around 60-65 and heat the room your in with this thing, you’ll cut out all those “defrost” cycles which is A/C on along with about 45 amps of electric heat just to maintain house temp. every 45 min (or 20 min if your doing Ben’s course).

My heat pump has always done a good job, it just really spins the meter, and near the vents it fills “cold” at times. I have also looked at getting a propane tank and ventless logs for the wife. Dave, are the newer heat pumps operating that much more effecient?

There is no gas here in my area of the country. When we built the house tva came and did an insulation inspection and we scored the highest possible. With that we got the electric water heater free, free underground service (about 1100 ft) and 700 cash. That was about 9 years ago, I am not sure if they still do that or not. Little did they know, we had no other choice.

The space heaters are definetly pigs, I still see some people buy them thinking they are doing themselves a favor. A friend of mine bought about three for his home last year to “help save money”. He soon learned that it didn’t.

Coil size is larger which improves absorption/rejection.
More complex defrost controls in the high end units cuts down on the a/c running in the winter.

However, gov. mandated efficiency basically relates to putting a 2 ton compressor in a 3 ton unit. They just don’t work like the old mules did.

Improving defrost so it does not happen unless there is a coil restriction from frost.
Staging electric heat so you don’t overshoot set point.
Preventing electric heat coming on when turning up the thermostat if the outdoor air is not cold enough.
Proper purge cycles after shutdown.

These save you lots.

Now variable speed and geothermal will get you way up there in savings. But $$$

The only way you save is if you can shut down the rest of your house.

As for your garage dwellers, consider IR heaters. They don’t heat the air directly but keep the tenants warm at a low $$$.

I have them in my horse barn. You can keep things from freezing at 20 degrees. You can’t stop ventilation in a barn or your vet will become rich! But you can heat in a 20 mph wind with these things!
They have plug in units the size of your computer.

ONe of the contractors here is starting to put in geothermal units, they are very clean, and run like tops. I might even look into that in the future. Where do you get your IR units from?

I did all the west KY schools!
They are the way to go if you are going to stay in your house for a good while.

They don’t defrost.
There is no equipment outdoors.
They heat with 60 degree water and cool with 60 degree water. Air units try to cool with 95 degrees and heat with 20!
The head pressure of the compressor is substantially lower using less power to pump and a lighter equipment load related to longer life.

The only drawback is the water source.
If you have a problem with that, you really have a problem.
Try to stick with a closed loop system. There are too many minerals in our water to deal with. Also if a well dries up, which should not be a problem in your area, your out of business. Being on the other side of the river, your geology is not that same so don’t take my word on it.