New heating cooling technology

After many years of searching for an alternative energy heating/cooling source I finally found one. I am in need of qualified individuals to help me market them. I am working with a direct sales company that is almost ready to start production.

For a little information on the units go to This will familiarize you with the units. Then you can contact me from my website.

As Home Inspectors we each have a client’s that I am sure would enjoy very low heating bills and also it would provide an extra source of income for each of us.

Warren Porter, Porter’s Wisconsin Inspections, LLC

1 Like Is this the same company, I hope not.

Peter, when I reviewed the material in the first post, non of it passed the smell test.

The claimed cost of operation defy physics a Scotty would say.

Anyone considering this “nano technology” should proceed with a maximum amount of skepticism and care.

I also reviewed the wind generator info and if you do, all you will see is a pin wheel contraption spinning in the breeze and the chain disconnected from the load/generator and is only spinning freely in the light breeze while claiming to provide enough energy to power a home in a 1 mph wind. video

This FAQ appears to be associated with the same “magic” heating and cooing product product.

I would advise Mr. Porter to seek out an attorney before he sends anyone a thin dime. This looks like a scam IMHO.

I want to see the device that re-defines the laws of psycrometrics.

They don’t use the ton measurement (12,000 btu/hr) to compare, but they referance it all over the place…

I’m waiting…

3.413 btu/watt has only been broken by the heat pump.

I’m still waiting…

It said right at the beginning it was “magic”. I looked for a picture of a unit but did not find any. Sounds a lot like one of these.

Here it is.

I Really Wish I Had That, Inc. Presents

Amazing New Ultra Efficient Cooler/Heater The Air Q.E.R.V. (Quick Energy Recovery Ventilator)
Uses about 300 watts per 1200 - 1500 sq ft
That is less than 6% of what a conventional central system uses!

Looks just like a Heat Ventilation Recovery Unit

No this is not that company

Warren, please be careful.

Your FAQ is the same as the FAQ2 from the company you claim it is not.

I pulled up some sites and there is a connection. I think we had better take it a little easy here until we can verify that the units do indeed work as represented. We are told we do not need to invest anything to have the rights to market this but they do take investors. So is it a scam? I don’t know and I am hoping there is some truth to the heating/cooling units as I know that such things do or have existed and do not break any physical laws, it’s just that we may not yet have a total grip on the extent of those scientific laws. I am going to do some more investigating and will then report my findings after I am convinced by proof and not idle talk.

Thank you guys for your opinions and research, that is why we are all here to help each other.

Are the cabinets made from the Amish?:slight_smile:

Why do claim this to be your research on post one?.
You have some better explaining to do.

Ease up Bob,

He has been made aware of the potential for a scam and says he will investigate further. Sounds reasonable to me.

Let’s see what he reports back to us.

Being discussed here, too.

Not the Amish, China…

“Research” is about INFORMATION…

I just spent the last 45 minutes on the phone with John Scruggs from the company “I Really Wish I Had That”. I had a good discussion of the concerns I had plus brought up on this blog. I told him that we will need proof by seeing a machine in operation as the only real way that our concerns could be addressed as anyone could say anything even though what I got from him was positive.
When I have or have seen a unit in operation I will report back and then we will see what’s next.

I too had the same conversation. I will wait and see also. Thanks for the update, and i am looking forward to seeing what you find out on your end