height requirement

I know the height requirement for the service point to a home is 10’ but what about this setup?
This photo shows and electric supply (Grey PVC) and a water supply (white supply) both coming from the home to the detached garage. Both lines run into the side of the garage and out the back to feed a hot tub.

The lines are only 6’3" above the walkway.


I would just mention the lack of proper support and the limited headroom in the report. We are not required to inspect for code (which is good in these cases). Leave it up to the client to decide what is acceptable.

I don’t believe there is any NEC violation in this case (I may be wrong) because this is in conduit. It certainly “violates” rules of common sense, which is enough to bring to the attention of your client. . .

Thanks for the replies guys. I do stay away from using the word “code” in my reports but obviously we have to consider them in relation to safety. I will just mention the fact that injury may occur from the limited height and the lack support.

I would write it up for safety. I could see just about any kid wanting to jump up and swing from that setup.
Water + Electric + a swinging kid = not good

Just my two cents,

I agree, forget code with something like this, it is just dumb and the new owner will hate it.
“Satisfying code” will probably not satisfy your client.

I agree with Greg…that installation is just plain “Ignorant” at best…I asked my 8 year old one what he would do if he saw that…his FIRST reponse was…SWING on it…and beyond that…not good Eye Candy…:frowning:

Perhaps educators are not doing their job :smiley: . (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I just read your other post. :mrgreen: )

lol…I hear ya…He’s to young to educate yet…I am waiting for the FIRST Birds and the Bee’s chat…

He actually thought it was a swing…lol

On the other hand most housewives would see that as the perfect trellis. I can see some ferns growing on the RNC and a few flower pots hanging in the corners.


Actually I never thought of that…Most certainly I know my wife would hang some Ferns and such from it…She hangs plants from anything…