Heil AC size.

**Manufacturer: Heil **
Model#: N2A34BAKA200
Serial#: E060600938

Ok, I’m confused… 34/12 = 2.83333, so is this a 2.5 ton or a 3 ton unit? Or am I missing something?

I think it is 4 ton.



Thanks Mike, I think you might be right! That makes much more sense based on the physical size of the unit and the home. The label was so washed out, it looked like it was printed with white ink on a white label. It was extremely hard to read.

Thanks VERY much!

Washed out you say?

100_1051 (Small).JPG

100_1050 (Small).JPG


You’d be surprised how many times I scribbled ink on my finger and rubbed it into the label and viola…numbers appear more legible. Sometimes these numbers leave an indentation in the tag.

I just use dirt. But I’ve never had anyone show up playing the viola!

What size is a Heil Model N4A360AKC300 Air Conditioner—Is it a 5 ton?


I’d call it - 2005/2006 AND 3 ton +/-