Heil Air Handler Size Help

Hello, I have an air handler mfg by HQ Co (Heil Quaker I believe), and am trying to determine the size/capacity.

Model #s


Also on the label
709281 Rev.1

I believe mfg year around 1981 ±.

The condensing unit has been replaced, so it’s no longer a known match.

Should be a 3 or 3.5 ton, but want to be sure which.

Thanks for any help.

look it up or contact the manufacturer!

You cannot determine the size of an HVAC system by the air handler.

It all depends how it was set up. Air handlers can handle multiple tonnage capacity.

>look it up or contact the manufacturer!

I’ve been trying to “look it up” for over an hour using resources available to me. Can you tell me where I may look it up?

Contacting the mfg may be an option if I can verify this is Heil, but it appears the HQ CO has been bought out, and then bought out again.

Unit being over 30 years old and reading some posts here I thought someone here may be able to help.