Heil Furnace with no serial #

I inspected a home with a Heil gas furnace. There was no tag attached withbserial or model number. Any chance there’s another way to get information about this unit? Thanks.

Could you post pictures?

Rick, I am assuming you looked carefully inside the cabinet for the tag. If it is missing, then it was removed for some reason. If that is the case just note that in your report and move on.
Good Luck!

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It look like it is from the 1960s…well past its useful life…budget for replacement or replace now recommended…probably 60 % efficiency.

That duct tape looks like asbestos, too.


Looks like part of data tag here.


Anything of value on this label?

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I found 3 labels but none had model or serial # information.

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Yep, I agree

Rick, when you can get the blower # it will not help you at all aging the furnace.

Hmm, should I say that with a straight face or use an emoticon?

Okay, emoticon it is… :rofl: :joy: :roll_eyes: :wink: :flushed:

Rick, I just did a newer (2016) Heil furnace, and the sticker was on the back side of the lower front removable panel. I find labels there every once in a while, and you probably already looked there, but just throwing it out there. I actually found a sticker there on the back side of the panel and they had a piece of foam insulation glued on the panel partially covering the sticker, I had to peel back the foam to read the info on the sticker.

Thanks George. The wiring diagram sticker was on the inside of the door.