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Hello people. I’m Randy, Been lurking around here for a few months and can now finally post messages. I’m currently studying/learning to enter the home inspection profession. I chose the Carson Dunlop Training modules for home study and all is going well. Seems to be a wealth of information here so hopefully I can pick your brains from time to time with any problems or questions that I may have.

Hello RandL
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Pick away and we may pick back…that’s how it works around here.:smiley:

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Hi guys…thanks. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on finding a great group of HIs .
I live In Brighton and am always available to help if needed
Web site Royshomeinspection.com
What part of Ontario do live in .
Roy Cooke A happy Nachi Member

Hello Roy. I live in Lanark, near Perth. I’ve been to your website before to check it out. You seem to have been in the business for quite a while.
I’m Glad to see a forum for Canadian inspectors seeing how some construction practices and codes are different per area.

Here’s a quick question for you guys to ponder. With the weather that we can get up here I’m wondering if I may have made a mistake on my roof. I just finished shingling it and did a closed valley. But with winter coming I’m starting to get a little worried about what i may see in the spring. There were two layers of shingles which I ripped off as well as two layers of metal flashing. The bottom metal was in good shape so i left it in place and laid 2 layers of ice and water shield over top. After i cut the overlapping shingle off when i was done, I tarred them down as suggested. I’m noticing a lot more closed valleys around here especially in the Kingston area but I’m not real sure on the life expectency. Any thoughts?

Randy, It’s been my experience that the valleys with open flashing seem to last longer. I don’t know if its because they shed water and snow better/faster? It seems like the shingled through valley always start to curl prematurely after about 7 to 9 years. Just something I’ve noticed in my journeys in my neck of the woods…prairies would be more like it.:slight_smile: </IMG>