Louie… welcome aboard. Got a question? Just ask. You’ll have all kinds of answers in no time. There are always dissenting opinions, but usually everyone gets along pretty good here.

Carl Carl Carl… I waz only referring to Jae’s avatar.

Shoot…now I gotta try to figger out what that means…:frowning: :frowning:

Thanks guys for the warm welcome I will be asking a lot of questions. I already feel like I found a new home…

And don’t forget Louie, with your many years of experience, we will be expecting answers from **you **also. Don’t be shy. There is no “break in period”. Jump right in, and voice your opinion. Everyone has something to teach, everyone has something to learn. I learn something new on this MB everytime I logon, whether I like it or not… :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :mrgreen:

Welcome Lou :). I’m new as well to the organization. If I can help in any way just let me know.

I am ready and willing to help in any way I can.

Your best information will come from lurking in the tech sections. From there read whatever you find on marketing, especially from Russel Ray.

Thanks for the tip Brian.:wink:



Well for starters as a new home inspector your way ahead of the game with all the experience you have. However, if you haven’t done so already sit down and examine the SOP. Are you still a working member or a full member yet? Have you done a home inspection at all for a fee? I personally observed many with a CMI and went to a school before I ever did my first paid inspection. To be honest with your experience you should be able to complete 99% of NACHI’s requirements rather quickly. The only thing you will lack is the 100 inspection requirement. I joined 6 June and became a full member 15 June. For some reason I feel it’s important to be able to advertise that fact that your a full member. So get out there and observe if some one will let you. Once your ready I’ll help you get set up with a website or see Domonic if your not familiar with code at all. He has a great CMS system set up to where you can make changes on the fly with no code experience plus his customer service is A+. Trust me I’ve been with a few host in my time. Read EVERYTHING he has to say about SEO (Site Engine Optimization). The man knows what he’s talking about. Again trust me I’ve researched SEO before reading what he has to say. He hit’s all the key areas straight on the noggin. Take a look at my site (code). I have followed his steps and I’m ranked on the first page of Yahoo, MSN and soon to be Google lol 99% of the time. Let’s see make your life easier and download RR’s narratives library or buy into the new CD NACHI has come out with. Of course don’t use the narratives word for word change them if you need to but both libraries will save you worlds of time on your reports. Lou, there is several discussions already going on the member’s area for the new guys. I know I created a few. I had questions to not long ago and still do. Take time to read them. Many will share their contracts with you. Listen to everything everyone has to say. When you have your website, inspection report, contract and your marketing in place all you need to do them is dive in on your first paid inspection. Again listen to everyone here. They may bicker time to time but from what I’ve seen so far it’s like a family here and when someone needs something no one turns and hides. They all come out of the wood work to help. And thats what makes NACHI one hell of an organization!

Welcome Louie! You will notice how we all get along just great and agree on everything :wink: and there is never a thread drift on this board. :shock:

Louie, where have you been? We have been expecting you! Caught in traffic, ran out of gas, missed the bus! :wink:

Just kidding! Welcome to the Mothership and happy sailing!:smiley:


With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, “You must be a redneck…” :margarit:

Welcome, Louie, to Planet iNACHI, ruler of the Universe.

iNACHI rocks!
iNACHI rolls!
iNACHI rules!

You can find lots of marketing tips, tricks, ideas, and suggestions on my FREE marketing forum. You’ll have to register, and it is a moderated board since it’s just about business and marketing for those on a budget. And since it’s free (even to me as the host), you do have to put up with the owner’s own brand of marketing (I’m working on that problem at the time). There’s more than 500 users there, and about 450 of them are iNACHI members. So ignore the owners marketing tips and tricks, ideas and suggestions, and just cruise through all the information that I’ve stored over there, good, bad, and indifferent, all areas of the country and Canada, etc.

Also check out my wise old grandmother’s web site. She has collected lots of good information about her grandson and his real estate adventures, much of which can provide you with some good ideas about how you can be helpful to your Clients beyond simple home inspections.

Do all of the above, and do away with the “one size fits all” mindset and you can make a six-figure salary your first year in business.


WOW, I tried to register at your forum and just kept getting redirected to a whole bunch of different junk ads. I have honestly never experienced that before. When I click to register, things just start going wild. I couldn’t register at all.

I don’t know if you were aware of that or if it is just my computer that it’s happening too, but I have never had that happen before. I try to close a window and another pops up. I even have my pop up blocker enabled.

Could just be me but I wanted you to know that.:slight_smile:

They upgraded their system a few weeks ago, but they didn’t upgrade it for us, the users. They upgraded it so that they could bombard us with more ads, many of them useless, and some just down right despicable. That’s why I’m look at other options right now.

Email me at russel@mywiseoldgrandmother.com with a User name and a password and I’ll register for you.