New and nervous inspector

Im a new inspector, well, kind of. Im still waiting to hear back from Dept of Labor on approval after submitting everything (prints, school, test, etc) …
Im nervous as hell going into this field and would really like to work with someone to help me get my feet wet and some experience under my belt. I currently live in pensacola but am willing to travel to work. i just have no clue where to start and im nervous starting off on my own with no experience, as i dont want to fail.

Hey Ron,
I have met several inspectors in that area. Have you tried looking on the FABI website as well?

i didnt but im going to right now. thank you for your help

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Just curious so we have a better picture of how to help you if we can…

With what you have told us above, what exactly told you that “Home Inspections” was the place for you to be?

i was a general contractor, maintenance for a few years. so i have some knowledge on plumbing, electrical and construction. ive always enjoyed residential buildings so it seemed like a career that i should try.


Ron, it won’t be a cake walk but hard work and perseverance will help! Don’t waste your money on expensive tools, don’t waste your time with Angies List or anything like them. Don’t waste your time or show what you don’t know by getting educated on social media! Read the actual FBC for any questions you have and THEN go ask for clarification understanding something you’re not grasping! RESEARCH, RESEARCH and then when you get tired of doing that RESEARCH more! Use Google every damn time you have a question… but verify it with what the codes say… not someone else says!
Goto agents offices around your house most often and when you are outside your neighborhood and have time, drop in other offices and just strike up a conversation with an agent and let them do the talking! You will have people out there tell you they don’t cater to agents… but in essence they do by virtue of doing their job well!
Learn what right is (based on code), then learn that just because something ‘looks’ bad, try to understand it’s probably been bad for a very long time! Sellers just don’t notice things or just don’t care. Make your clients understand everything can be fixed with Time, Effort and Money. Help them understand that concept and don’t be an alarmist… you’ll learn the hard way if you are. The house was built once… it can be put back to just as good with a combination of those three things above… Time, Effort and Money.
If you have a family to support… don’t quit your day job… be the guy that’ll do evening and weekend inspections. Agents are ALWAYS looking for someone to accomodate short insp periods or sellers/clients schedules. Be that guy!
Last for now… don’t be the low baller! You’ll have to reduce your prices to get your foot in the door maybe but research other ‘reputable’ inspector’s prices and go just under them until you get experience. Provide a great service by promising little and providing more!
There ya go… it can be done… with hard work. Good luck bud.


Hey Robert! How have you been doing?

Really good Roy? Staying steady and really busy at times but you know I’m “semi-retired” so I don’t wanna be too crazy busy! Just got my Mold Assessment License and figuring out how to integrate that into the business now. I’m not a salesman ya know…
How are you doing these days? You finally put your feet up for good?

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Good morning @rwittschen2 I’m in the same situation as you new as well. I’m not as nervous anymore but still somewhat nervous if that makes sense. I’m in South Florida. I’m finding it hard to even find someone to just let me shadow them until I can get my own up and running. That’s the route I’m taking because so many doors are being closed but nevertheless, I’m still determined.
@rparmer I read your response and I want to thank you for what your advice. I’m doing most of what you wrote or at least trying to do. This was very helpful and motivating. You need money to get a business up and going so I’m going back to my other profession to help with getting my business up and running and I’m doing evenings/weekends/holidays when I start.

“Last for now… don’t be the low baller! You’ll have to reduce your prices to get your foot in the door maybe but research other ‘reputable’ inspector’s prices and go just under them until you get experience. Provide a great service by promising little and providing more!
There ya go… it can be done… with hard work. Good luck bud.” This was great information for me and thank you. Have a good day

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yeah, thats my problem as well. i cant find anyone who wants to help locally and i dont want to go in for an inspection, screwing something up or miss it and then lose business since im inexperienced. also afraid that the longer i stay out the more ill forget. so, im retaking the free nachi exam every few days, just so i can at least remember some of the stuff i learned in class.


Ron, I am doing the same as you taking and finishing courses that I needed to complete which I didn’t understand why I had to retake them when I had just finished the school but now I’m like I’m happy I have too. I’m doing the 4 point now and I’ll go back to the other few I have left and I’m also inspection my condo every few days as well just to stay in the know. It’ll happen for us I know it will. I’m staying optimistic and I know many don’t like to hear it but I stay in prayer about it as well.



Also new to the field. 1st thing. Join InterNACHI! There is so much help. I could use some feedback as well. Feel free to reach out and maybe we can help each other.

Kinda ‘ballsy’ for a Newby, don’t ya think? Do you show this on your website also??

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I have been a licensed WDO inspector since 2009


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I’m in Orlando. I’d be happy to take someone out on an inspection.


I wish you were closer to me because I would have loved to went out with you.

Good morning everyone, well I’ll have my very first inspection next month. This has truly been an educational journey. Learning and setting every aspect of my home inspection business up has truly gave me more grey hair, kept me at the gun range, gym and working the field inspection part of my business. I wouldn’t change any of it while I continue this process. Learning the backend of IT, software etc… once I’m making more I will surely resource that out. That just isn’t for me. I just want to work not do that part but learning it was worth it. Every assistance that has been shared with me has been a big help and is very much appreciated. I’ll keep you all posted after I complete this. I’ve truly met some very nice HI that was so freely to help and provide assistance and answer my question and shared information. To every other new and nervous inspector I’m still nervous but focused and determine as a female inspector. Blessings always.


That’s great, good luck. Why is it booked so far out?


Because the builder wanted to finish the items on the knock out sheet that they have and they close on the 12th. And this gives me time to fully keep practicing with the back end of learning everything being I’m a one person show it’s a lot. Thank you for your kinds words for support.

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