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Good Wishes to Everyone,

Let me introduce myself to this community, I am John marrison, very new to this community, I want to be a member of this forum by participating in the discussion forum and also want to share my views and suggestion regarding various topics of this forum.

Thanks and Regards
John marrison

Welcome John, get some thick skin and take nothing personal. Enjoy, debate and get ready to rumble at times. Other than that there are a ton of great guys here with much to offer.


What do you do for a living and where do you live?


John the first thing you need to do is buy some jars and candy!

Hahaha JK! Welcome. Have fun

For sure :smiley:



what makes you interested in a home inspector forum? Are you a home inspector, aspiring/in training to be one?

We’ve got fun and games


Like Russ said, grow a thick skin and you will be able to handle what goes on here. You will also learn a lot. I learn new stuff every time I am on the boards.

Welcome John

Welcome John. Do you have a website yet? A good start is a visit to Dominic’s websiteto get set up with a good website and a professional who doesn’t push his services on new home inspectors just to make a buck. He is a IT geek and will serve you well.
The next stop should be this website to get a professional perspective of the home inspection industry. Pay close attention to the information provided on this site, it is sound advice.
Be wary of vendors claiming to get you instant business from the used house salesmen, many are has-been used house salesmen who couldn’t hack it selling used homes and now prey on new home inspectors to line their pockets.
I have helped many local multimillion dollar multi-inspector firms get started. We startedour firm in 2006 and have performed over 4000 inspections and employ 6 part-time associates.
Many new inspectors tend to run to realtor offices with candy and donuts in hand, as you will find out, you may be asked to do favors for them in return. You are an inspector, you work for your client, not the used house salesmen.
If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to contact me. Good luck with your new career and once again, welcome to NACHI.

John please read many of Mr. Dapkus’s recent posts and see how he continues to help those in our industry .

Thanks for the compliment Roy. It was a pleasure receiving your calls and giving you my advice over all these years. R.I.P. Mr. Cooke.

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunatly you made a slight error I have never called you and I do not expect to.

We spoke on many occasions. Perhaps your Alzheimer"s is getting worst. I’m sorry to see this disease progressing so fast and robbing you of your livelihood. I will pray that the good Lord shines a light on your path.

Linas has some good advice here. Afterwards, make sure aren’t going to be a bare minimum inspector

Linus you forgot to mention not to purchase one of those “fancy” shmancy" android cameras…lol.

Sorry Bob, just couldn’t resist!:mrgreen:


Thanks Bert. Here is another review posted yesterday. They keep rolling in, not one is good. I wouldn’t pay more than $50 for that piece of crap “camera”. They’re sales are way down and they will be recalling them due to all the problems.