I am not able to post in the “Misc. Discussion” area. What requirements must be met to post in the “Misc. Discussion” area?

You have to become a member.

What stopping you from joining?

Don’t I have to be a Home Inspector before I can join? I do not start my classes until the end of April.

When you join NACHI you have access to more educational classes. Why wait until April to start studying?

I am willing to join now, but I do not have the rquirements to join. i.e. “You must have passed InterNACHI’s Online Inspector Examination (free) with a score of 80 or better.” I would not pass that exam since I am new to this.

Cram it in and take the test.

Bob’s response to every thing.

CRAM IT :mrgreen:

Just kidding Mike. Take the test, learn and get better.

You have time.

Hope this helps;

You left OUT the IN

You can take the test multiple times, even multiple times the same day, and the questions in and of themselves are great ways to study.

Go to the bottom of the home page of

Click on the educational pictures (frames) to enlarge and study.

Then hit your own browser’s refresh button to go to the next.

2,500 in all. Very good training and you can go at your own pace.

Also, some of our courses are open and free to ALL. They are in

Yes you have plenty of time, I would just take the test once and see what happens. At the end of the test it will show a table, that lists how you did in each area. This way you will know which areas you are going to need the most work in. Hope this helps and good luck to you.

OK I am gonna take the test later today after my daughters dance thingy!!

Hey Nick, I went in there, alot of the courses (log home, green home, etc) even though they say free to all, it asks for a user and password… My BB user doesnt work so??

Take the on line test. You can take it as many times as you need. At least this way even if you don’t pass, you will know what you are weak in and can study those areas a little more than you might otherwise. I passed all of the test the first time, except for just one portion of the test was not high enough, so gave me a area of the HI that I needed to go back to and study a litttle harder and more in depth. It can, in a sense, be a good “study guide”

A great “study” source is all the information given on this board, as you will find a wealth of knowledge from other inspectors dealing with many of the same items on the test

see it would be nice if it told you which questions you got wrong, or at least be more specific in the areas you need help in ya know?

Adam… if you have to guess at an answer, chances are that is an area you need help in. Same thing if you have to think long and hard over a question.
Just my 2 cents +GST

I can definitly understand that idea, but it would still make it a much better learning tool if it could give you an idea of whats wrong and even change the wording of the question every once in a while… but whats the deal with alot of the links that say free to everyone require a name and password to gain entry?

When you sign onto this BB. don’t you have to “log in” using your username and password?

If so then this will / should give you access to the links in question.

see I thought that too, but it won’t work.