Help a sweet old lady.

Hi I did a wind mit for a very sweet old lady today and she got tears in her eyes when i explained to her that her textured alum panels were not rated. Does anyone know of a fix for this?
Does anyone have any documentation from someone who has had them tested? Maybe a long time shutter company or something.

I once went to a community that had old clam shell awnings that they somehow had tested and they were therefore approved. I may have sent the info to a few of you about that.

My best advice to her was to just replace the panels with new ones that had been tested and I told her not to just give the old ones away because they are worth while to scrap for cash.

Any advice or ideas would be great as she was very pleasant to deal with and it sucked to give her the news :frowning:

If you have a idea for her that you do not want the world to see just email me by regular email and it will be kept between us.

How big was the house?

Any pics, old textured aluminum shutters are usually not rated.

:frowning: Never seen any docs on these before.


2254 under air

To those who are wondering.

The lady never asked for help or favoritism. Heck she is the actual one who purchased the shutters she has documentation that says meets sf bc but does not mention the required tests. I told her to show that to the insurance company. She has been receiving credit for having them for many years from Liberty Mutual and they are dropping just her homeowner insurance and continuing to take her money for all of the other policies she has.

Which south florida building code? 88’ or 94’ ?

I do not remember. She could likely copy the doc. It looks 60ish but is newer.

I should have taken a photo but at the chance I did not think there was any chance of doing anything for her.

Contact her and tell her if she has the documentation you will gladly go over it with her, call the manufacturer , installer, or whoever you can. Maybe liberty has the docs.

Without some sort of documentation your conscious should be clear, short of an engineers report, there isn’t much you can do.

It’s a shame cause those shutters look like they could take a lot more than 9lbs

I had a lady last week who installed hurricane proof windows, wind tested yes

impact tested no. But the salesman said…

People are getting scammed from all directions on this whole wind mit fiasco; insurance companies, installers and yes, even inspectors.

Nope, never seen anything

I have seen the docs for clam shell awnings but not those.

I have had widows cry, hadicapped children banging on glass doors to get my attention, 78 yr old man throw up, brain damaged 40 yr old moaning for her breafast, etc…

But we need stickers, (BS) as an inspector, everyone has a professional duty to inspect and report their opinions. I had one agent say the NOA was not good enough, he wanted a sticker on the garage door.

Inspect, report and move on. The docs are not our responsibility. Those textured panels never meet the standard, but this is a small change in an annual policy. Not worth changing.

The fix is to go visit the New Testament and figure out your mission.

why not do it like commercial…30% of 1st year savings or 75.00 which ever is greater.

earn that money…

That is not how I charge for commercial. Taking a % can be pretty unethical.

I do not even know what you guys are talking about?

Oh crap now i’ll get another trophy :frowning:

And that is different from??? :stuck_out_tongue: