Wind mit Guru's

John S, Dennis B,anyonewho wants to chime in.

I am swallowing my pride for a little ole lady. As you may or may not know I have a soft spot for them and try to help.

Is there any chance that besides using lexan with they seem to have some sort of noa on but does not mention any tests and another paper I cannot read until I blow it up.

By sliders on wood porch she has track in the top and what looks like a 1/2 piece of furring strip screwed to deck as her attachment point. Up top she has loose lexan fitted between 2 pieces of wood 1/2 round molding screwed into the header and some alum bracket below and it is tight at top and just flaps at bottom.

Needless to say I am following a mueller inspection gal who’s work I have seen before and she gave her full protection and her 1980 shingle roof complies with SFBC 94 according to inspector gal.

I HATE BEING THE BAD GUY IN REAL LIFE. I do not care as you all know here.
I told her I would ask the best of the best so I am. But I told her I did not think she had a shot. Some how her son the aquarium guy got the info for the lexan and somehow GOT CITIZENS to accept it in 2012 but I have no idea how.

AS of now she is screwed unless one of you can BE A HERO and tell me how to possibly help her.

I have video and picts but I doubt they are needed for your answers. If really needed I’ll post somewhere and post a link.

Thanks in advance from the little ole lady.:smiley:

Haven’t you always said “no sticker, no credit”? See what the NOA says and then decide. 1980 shingle roof…how does that look???

Like an April 2014 roof!!!

I would tell her it isn’t going to be good…unless there is documentation…

Yep Just swallowing the pride looking for any loophole someone may have. Did not look bad as I thought it should have from the ground and she swears it is that old. I told her I could not believe it.

I am a man of my word. I told her I would ask around so no matter how embarrassing I do.

So are you embarrassed yet?

Naaaa I knew what all would say but gave her my word I would ask all I could :slight_smile:

Mike, if she has an 1802 from 2012, why does she need a new one? Best way you could help her is to tell her it is valid for five years, as long as she hasn’t made any changes!

No documentation, no credit. I have never seen documentation for FLAT Lexan, even though it(in the correct thickness) should be.

I saw stuff saying it was approved for outdoor use “nothing about impact tested” BUT he had it in place sandwiched between cheap small wood molding :frowning: I could see no way anyone could pass it. Those mueller folks sure are special :frowning: Thanks for the comment.

I just feel bad for the old folks who were getting discounts till some fool told them to drop their past company they do new company wants new mit I show up and slap them in the face with reality. It sucks breaking old ladies hearts :frowning: I have seen them damn near to tears and angry. More fun of this great job.

You can turn that around like this: “Just be grateful you had those non-qualifying discounts for all those years and don’t have to pay the insurance company back.” IRS would want their money back for sure if this was IRS fraud.

Now THAT’S funny!!! Good answer!!

Wind mitigation has turned into the opposite of what it used to be. We used to get people credits, they saved money and we made money, everyone was happy. Now it is the exact opposite with the form changes. People are losing credits and we are fighting to save them many times it is a futile effort. We have actually thought about reducing the number of wind mits just because they are not fun anymore.

I actually told her about the bright side did not mention the irs but told her be happy she got away with it for so long :slight_smile:

Not if she changes companies…another new trick by Citizens to “spread the wealth”.

New policies require new 1802s and 4-points. :frowning:

Wow, I knew a policy change required a new 4 point but, “a new Wind Mit” as well? Crazy stuff.


For most new policies a four point must be less than a year old.

Several insurance companies are requiring new reports for both. Did an inspection two weeks ago and the seller had the wind mit from last year. I told my clients to give it a shot, but I’ll do one today, just in case. The new wm was sent out Friday. :frowning:

I told her to go that route also but the Joke of OIR does not seem to enforce that either because anytime folks switch companies they demand the newest form. I told her to complain about that and threaten an immediate complaint to the OIR. I even wrote it down on site for her as she did not think she could remember all I was throwing at her :frowning:

I have never seen them accept a sellers wind MIT. Every buyer needs their own inspection with their name on it. Remember both inspector and owner must sign the form