Help an old man out

I’ll do my best to describe situation as told to me by this cute 85 yr old man I met. He has recently moved into new home. Yes, this rebel and his wife have upsized. He was describing to me that in a few rooms in his home have 2 vents. One of course if for AC/heat. The other, he said goes into attic. He and grandson were going to put 12X12 filters in but there’s nothing up there but attic space. I’m new to inspections so I’ve not seen this before. This is in FL. 2007 build with electric and propane appliances. Asked for photos but he has not sent them yet. Any ideas?

Possibly make up air vent in tight construction.

If it’s in the ceiling, yes, see them frequently, especially in rooms with a fireplace. Some have a short duct on top of the register/grill to rise above the attic insulation.
See them in the garage as well.

…frequently?? That can’t be acceptable… I’m curious how you write that up? That’s something I’ve never seen up here, mind you it quite a bit colder /wetter up here.

Yea, wait for the photos.

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that wouldn’t work in Ohio…

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Update. He said there are 5 mystery vents in 3k sq. ft home. 3 are in same room as return vents.

You may be looking at jumper ducts. Would need to know more details.

No ducting in big vents. Just goes into attic

Any equipment in this room like a gas water heater(it’s Florida so im assuming there is no furnace involved)? Kinda seems like something you would do for make up air. If there isn’t now maybe there was previously some kind of equipment in there.
Another thought, if the attic is finished it could just be general ventilation or conditioning for the attic. Not sure why you would have these open vents to an unfinished attic in hot humid Florida though…

Gas fireplace, cooktop, rinnai tankless water heater. propane tank buried outside. Attic is not finished. And no furnace.

1: When was the home erected?
2: Current HVAC equipment.
3: Where is the HVAC equipment?
4: Serial/Model numbers.

Those are ‘ceiling registers’ from a current or abandoned forced air HVAC system.

One ceiling register has a filter on top. Posted below. That would be the HVAC side mount or upright plenum.
register and filter

Likely supply and return forced air. The ductwork can be between ceiling joists with sheet metal atop. Insulation would hide that.

Not enough information.

2007 build
heat pump AC/heat
air handler in garage, condenser outside
dont know serial numbers. no way he can get up to air handler.
i’d say they’re original.
no duct work above registers