Help - Arcola Ideal 1940-1950s Boiler for Radiator Heating

I came across this today and had no idea what to do. So, I am stating in my report that it was not inspected and that a qualified HVAC person should inspect it, certify it, and/or recommend replacement. Any help on this is appreciated.

that was old a long time ago…

Was it running or did you turn the thermostat(s) up?

It was not running and none of the registers were hot/warm. I did not fire it up.

Just the age of the unit calls for a comprehensive evaluation of the system. I would have moved the thermostat to see if it responded.

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Same here for future reference, Jerald. And it still needs a Qualified HVAC technician to go over it, thoroughly…so, refer it out.


Thanks guys for your guidance. I greatly appreciate it.

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Welcome, Jerald!.. :smile: