They don't make them like this anymore

Yesterday’s inspection:

700 SF bungalow-- Hot water rads and this in the basement

Never seen one this old

Oldie (Small).jpg

Full HVAC report on the post next to it says all ok last fall.


Gotta love it.

I see quite a few boilers that age. I simply note…

***The heating system was paced through it’s normal sequence of operating modes, with no obvious defects noted at time of inspection. However, due to systems age, but is clearly beyond it’s life expectancy, and replacement should be considered. Until then, I recommend annual maintenance from a licensed contractor. ***

Condemn it!
The gauge lens is cracked! :wink:

And I tell my clients these things don’t last forever!
I better stop that!


That’s what my report says



Looks like we might have inspected the same house! :shock:

Mario yours looks 20 years newer, or did you scrub it clean:D


It appeared that it was serviced and cleaned annually. It actually worked on the day of the inspection.

I inspected one last fall that was in the process of an upgrade. Had an old coal stoker that had been converted to NG. First one I had seen since I started as HI. I am assuming it was original. Did not inspect the heating system since it was being replaced, but it was manufactured in 1909. Love those old gravity feed furnaces, like sharing a room with a giant octopus.
gravity feed furnace.jpg
This is actually a new model for those young HI’s that had never seen one.

Nice duct wrap…

I have never seen any of these in my neck of the woods

These old system were not that bad

As long as the heat does not leave the home BTU,s are BTU,s

When I was a young lad it was coal fired and converted to NG

Down here in Frostproof there are homes with no heat at all (still required by most local codes) but they have AC

My home was heated almost all winter with the fire place and free wood

The summer is comming where I will have a problem with the electric bill – (payback time)

While these old system are still working one must think about what is the payback to replace same

My new NG system will probably never pay for it self (works great)

Troy – none in my neck of the woods eather