Help csan someone explain this Test question

In the service box the grounded service entrance wires should be connected:

To the load side of the main switch or

To the line side of the main switch.

service box? main switch? what are you reading, what test is this?

I agree with Simon the terminology is terrible. I would ask the same question what is a service box?

Can you please list the name of the test and where you got it?

It was on my midterm from Carson dunlop. I am trying to prep for the licencing test.

Rose, I think the reference to “box” is too general. I would think “panel” as in electrical service panel would be better.

The answer to that question is “Line Side” as noted in this pic.

The service entrance wires are the ones connected at the top. Also, the “main switch” is more commonly referred to as the Main Disconnect. They’re playing tricky games.


Thanks it’s what I thought but couldn’t explain why. I hate tests they always play word games.

I agree that the answer that they’re looking for is on the line side. That’s nice graphic that Thomas posted but if you look how they have the top and bottom of the panel divided by the green dashed line the grounding electrode conductor (GEC) is on the load side not the line side. If we’re splitting hairs, technically the load side is at the bottom of the main circuit breaker not the top.

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Grounded service entrance wires? really? lol I cannot believe this comes from Carson. Maybe it said Ungrounded? would make more sense then.

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It is ‘Standardized Terminology.’ Once conceived should not perplex a intelligent student. The questions become straight forward requiring straight forward answers from a list of 4 posable choices.
You will catch on.