Help! Electrical problem

I inspected a house today with the main panel box in the crawlspace:( It is a tall crawlspace…about 6’…but isnt this wrong? I have never seen a breaker box in a crawl space…the house was built in 1999. The access is a door is a 5’ homemade door outside.

Yes it’s wrong, it does not meet the access requirements for a service panel (at least in respect of the hight issue which should be 6’8"



Thanks Gerry…yes i knew about the height requirement…but what about things like accessability and moisture (yeah there is a moisure barrier down) but it is still under a house even though its dry under the house. What a mess that would be to have to move a service panel…yikes!

In my area I would say no it can not be in the crawlspace, however different areas/villages allow strange things sometimes either by not adopting new building codes or applying stupid ammendments. If someone in your area is not sure it would be best to call the local building official to verify.