Help finding well

I have a past client that needs someone to find his well point. He has a well pump in the basement but needs to find the origin in order to map out it’s distance from the septic. Who is the person to call in this situation? He said he talked to a well driller but he was no help. Any ideas?

The driven Sand point might be directly below that hole in the slab.

They are only 25 ft. deep max.

Yep. Actually pretty common to see here

We drill that shallow for irrigation down here; potable wells can be 200-400 feet on average here.


Really depends on water quality.

Lots of shallow wells driven especially for live stock.

Yeah, our water is notorious for being anything other than refreshing or palatable… likely why they drill so deep.

I see hand dug wells that are 9 feet deep here that produce like crazy, and 500 foot drilled wells that can’t do a 3/2

That’s what I thought at first but the client said the pipe takes a 90 degree bend just under the slab.

House was up by you in Ballston spa

That is very common there, but be real careful about points up there. I had a well company fail a point up there just because they fail so often in that soil type. From what I understand another well company told them the same thing. I have failed one or two points there myself. Mostly near the Ballston Spa/Malta side of things

You could try a metal detector , outside where it seems to turn, Make pick up clamp or fitting

On Tuesday, we’re shooting (on location) a well inspection video for our new well inspection training course and will address this issue. Coming soon.

Most of the time I will find the well location on the “as built” diagram. Luckily my main county has all their records online for easy download. That should give you the measurements as well as location. Good luck.

Here’s one I had the other day that was through the slab.

Most driven points are less than twenty feet deep and usually less than 75 feet from the home. I typically see them 20-25 feet due to the shallow well pump.

When the well head is buried I recommend someone find it with a metal detector. Most of the time these wells test positive for coliform bacteria.

Another problem with these wells is supply, this time of year when the seasonal high water table is low they can stop producing. I had one next to a lake and when they drained the lake down for the winter it went dry, that’s when the owner knew it was time to close up and head to Florida :smiley:

Looking forward to it.

I asked, client said there were no records.

It’s a little “out of the box”, but I’ve seen it work several times. I wouldn’t believe it had I not seen it.

Find an old timer who can use a “water witch”. Sometimes it’s two branches, I believe from a weeping willow tree, or two metal rods. I worked for a well driller for a while, and he used the water witch. Wells were 2 to 3 hundred feet deep, and he always hit water where he said he would.

Down here the water district knows where all wells are located.

How about Shutting of the pump .

Hook up an air compressor to the water line and get a stethoscope and listen for air escaping in the ground .