What is a Point Well?

What is a point well.
What considerations should I be thinking of when inspecting one?
I’m assuming it’s some type of water well, but im not 100%.

Open for “point well” taken discussion.

At the risk of sounding arrogant and sarcastic, which although I am this is not intended to be…

If you don’t fully understand it, don’t inspect it till you do.

This is a start: http://hydrology1.nmsu.edu/hydrology/wellpoint.htm

Are you speaking of a driven well that uses a sand point?

Shallow well less than 25 feet.


Must be a well point. Used for driven wells, as you said. Can go deeper than 25 feet, depending on conditions. Uses a packer assembly to allow water from the pump down the pipe, where it changes direction n the assembly and heads up a 2nd route. A pipe within a pipe with nozzle and venturi in the packer. System uses a 2-pipe jet-pump.

Thanks for the clarification Joe,

Matthew, listen to Joe he knows his wells.